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About Computer Review


Computer Review

Computer Review evolved from a popular pamphlet published in 1959 by Adams Associates from Massachusetts. Known originally as Computer Characteristics Quarterly, the pocketsize publication listed characteristics of the handful of computers and related peripherals then on the market from companies such as Burroughs, IBM, RCA and Univac.


In 1965, under the leadership of its respected Editor the late Roger T. Baust, the Quarterly was revised and reformatted to include all computing products and to describe their salient characteristics. In 1971 the Quarterly was purchased by the current Publisher George M. Luhowy, and revised under the supervision of Editorial Board member Robert D. MacCormack. The Quarterly was renamed Computer Review and issued three times a year for the next 23 years. In 1978 the Computer Review database was fully automated and made commercially available online. In 1994 the Review was reformatted to include Company Profiles and published in a full size book format with internet updates.


For the past four decades each edition of Computer Review has been expanded and revised to reflect the latest technology markets and present the changes in a coherent and easy-to-use format. Today, Computer Review is a dynamic knowledge economy database tracking a wide-ranging of public and private companies. It is available online and features ActiveTrak, a unique intelligence service that uses smart bots to monitor daily technology developments worldwide.