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About Computer Review

Computer Review

Computer Review is a practical database monitoring advances in the Knowledge Economy. It helps professionals and students identify daily developments and track the companies which make it possible.


First published in 1959 by Adams Associates as a popular pamphlet, it was purchased by George M. Luhowy in 1971 and renamed Computer Review. Arriving simultaneously, the era of content automation and database publishing led to the growth of electronic publishing for business.


  • In 1973, Computer Terminals Review was published as the 1st automated directory to the rapidly growing display terminals market.


  • Through the 1970s computer-generated publishing was expanded to Minicomputer Review, Peripherals Review and Microcomputer Review.


  • In 1978 the 1st commercial access to technology information was offered on the Data Resources time-sharing network at $165/hour.


  • In 1994 the 1st digital subscriptions to Computer, Microcomputer, Terminals, and Peripherals Review were offered over the Internet.


  • In 1996 the ActiveTrak Technology Monitor was completed using smart Internet bots to update and maintain the online information.


  • By 2020 a significant library of over 40 e-books with daily updates on technology was available exclusively from Computer Review.


  • In 2021, celebrating 50 years of publishing, Computer Review offers automated no-code software for identifying companies and technology developments in 150 countries.


Over five decades Computer Review benefitted from the knowledge and support of many exceptional individuals, among them Roget T Baust, Robert D MacCormack, and Steve Keith. Today, Computer Review is available online and features ActiveTrak, a unique intelligence service using smart bots to monitor technology developments worldwide.


For real-time information,  click the Titles for technology market, click Overview for database summary, click FREE Directory for representative list of companies.