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CREATE your interactive business and technology directories here. This BETA version has been tested for keywords in the search balloon list - which you can see by placing the cursor over the search box.

But try any search term. For best results enter the keyword root (aero, bio, medic, etc.) in the search box to find the companies of interest. Refine the list as many times as you wish by modifying your search.

Computer Review's dynamic directories monitor thousands of public and private companies for the latest announcements and changes. They place at your disposal a vast amount of current information to save you time and effort.

We answer your business intelligence needs daily. Self-updating directories are designed to stay fresh and keep you current each step of the way. They allow subscribers to enjoy unlimited access to original sources with daily updates at a fraction of the cost.

A Vast Amount of Organized Information Updated Daily

ActiveTrak™ System's smart bots monitor 30,000 public and private companies and organizations in 120 countries and link you to important developments as they occur:

NEWSA primary source for corporate announcements; useful in developing sales leads based on breaking news.
MARKETA company database with full contact info; a favorite industry tracking and promotion tool.
EXECSKey decision makers in the organization, including company executives and management teams.
JOBSOriginal company employment listings; a very useful and effort-saving human resources tool.
BLOGSObservations and opinions of individual and corporate bloggers; a tool to follow technology markets and trends.
WORLDWorldwide real-time technology monitor; an international business development tool across 120 countries.


Computer Review’s interactive directories are available at only $12.95/month. They are easy to use and require no special software; all you need is a browser and internet connection. Convenient 'password-free' database access is available to Libraries at no additional cost.

We make the "knowledge-based economy" come alive.

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