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Computer Review’s interactive directories are important business tools for tracking today's developments. They monitor thousands of public and private organizations and collect a vast amount of information to save you time and money.

Self-updating directories are designed to stay fresh and keep you current each step of the way. As a subscriber you enjoy unlimited access to this dynamic information at a fraction of the cost.

Companies monitored: 653
Countries represented: 51
Most recently updated: 11/27/2015


Companies by Country

Vast Amount of Organized Information Updated Daily

ActiveTrak™ smart bots monitor over 30,000 public and private organizations in 120 countries and format the data for easy use:

NEWSA primary source for corporate announcements; useful in developing sales leads based on breaking news.
MARKETA company database with full contact info; a favorite industry tracking and promotion tool.
EXECSKey decision makers in the organization, including company executives and management teams.
JOBSOriginal company employment listings; a very useful and effort-saving human resources tool.
BLOGSOnline observations and opinions from individual and corporate bloggers about technology markets and trends.
WORLDWorldwide real-time technology monitor; an international business development tool across 120 countries.


Updates are $12.95 per month. Convenient “password-free” database access is available to Libraries at no additional cost.

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