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Welcome to an essential digital technology database. The information is well organized for rapid access. You can monitor the market in minutes and effortlessly explore its many posibilities. Daily technology updates from original sources make it easy to stay current and competitive.

This professional information service is designed for users who need to know about specific sectors of the knowledge economy. The companies and information in the database are selected with care to keep you informed about relevant developments. Subscribers gain from our long experience in publishing affordable databases.

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Companies monitored: 43
Countries represented: 17
Most recently updated: 09/22/2020


Technology Solution Providers by Country

Vast Amounts of Organized Information at Your Disposal.

We use proprietary ActiveTrak™ bots to monitor companies in the database and collect the most recent information available. Results are posted daily online for quick access.

NEWSA primary source for corporate announcements; useful in developing sales leads based on breaking news.
MARKETCompany descriptions and contact info; a favorite prospecting and promotion tool, updated daily.
EXECSKey decision makers in the organization, including board members, executives and management teams.
JOBSOriginal company employment listings; an authentic, effort-saving Human Resources tool.
SOCIALOnline observations and opinions from individual and corporate bloggers about technology, marketing and trends.
WORLDWorldwide real-time technology monitor; an international business development tool across 120 countries.


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