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"Providing easy access to high-quality diagnostic supplies and equipment for laboratories around the world."


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Taking Control of Technology

This is your personal connection to
the AI-driven Digital Economy
in over 130 countries.

Smart bots track business, engineering
and research activity at thousands of
companies and universities daily.

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Monitoring technology


in 130 countries daily

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How Technology Is Changing Daily

Introducing Computer Review online, the interactive technology information service. Smart bots monitor Solution Providers in over 40 technology sectors worldwide. ActiveTrak manages the incoming information to keep you aware of the latest technology and AI product developments. The automated system allows users to review the daily developments by sector in minutes not hours.

Detecting and processing change is what we do best. The digital economy generates new business in over 130 countries daily. By effectively tracking changes, we can offer you a road map to identify opportunity with 95% less effort. Start using this real-time information to your advantage today.

Tracking Essential Activity

Computer Review organizes the information detected by our ActiveTrak System. It is your one-stop market intelligence tool for technology companies, products and people.

Save time and gain new business by tracking companies in these essential categories: News: press releases and new announcements; Market: pie-charts and company information links; Execs: management teams and boards with bios; Jobs: current employment opportunities geographically; Blogs: corporate research and white papers; World: companies and solution development by country of origin.

Friendly User Interface

An easy-to-use Selection Chart targets the information for you. It is well organized and presented for easy access. Interactive links quickly guide you to the desired results.

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