Gloucester, MA, USA - For all professionals in these transitional times progress never stands still - it is always on the march. What is innovative today is standard tomorrow. The 2018 Computer Review digital technology database solves this problem for its subscribers, they now have at their disposal a real-time information resource which gather and organize the latest technology information and make it available at a fraction of the cost.

The 2018 Computer Review tracks thousands of technology companies in over 130 countries daily and summarizes the activity with links to original sources. This vast amount of well organized information covers the most active fields including Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Predictive Software & Big Data, Blockchain & Bitcoin, IT Enterprise Cloud, Aerospace & Drones, BioTech & MedTech, Satellites & Space, and much more.

In addition, subscribers get targeted online access to 44 industry sectors highlighting News, Market, Execs, Jobs, Blogs, World and much more. The information is expertly indexed for quick access and ease of use in the Computer Review for professionals in business, government and education:

  1. 3D Printing and Fabrication
  2. Aerospace and Drones
  3. Agricultural Technology
  4. Alternative Power Sources
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  6. Biotechnology Markets
  7. Blockchain Security Applications
  8. Cloud Computing and SaaS
  9. Communications Technology
  10. Computation and Quantum
  11. Data Storage Technology
  12. Digital Currencies & Bitcoin
  13. Education and Distance Learning
  14. Enterprise Solutions
  15. Entertainment and Online Games
  16. Environment and Green Technology
  17. Financial Technology
  18. GPS Location Technology
  19. Imaging and Photography
  20. Internet of Things
  21. Internet Technology Applications
  22. Knowledge Management
  23. Legal Technology and Services
  24. Library Automation
  25. Medical and Health Technology
  26. Nanotechnology and MEMS
  27. Network Management
  28. Operating Systems Software
  29. Outsourcing Worldwide
  30. Predictive Big Data Analytics
  31. Publishing, Wikis and Blogs
  32. Sales Automation and CRM
  33. Satellites and Space
  34. Science and Technology Parks
  35. Security and Biometrics
  36. Semiconductors and IC
  37. Social Networking
  38. Stem Cell Research
  39. Supply Chain Management
  40. Telecommunications
  41. Transportation Technology
  42. Voice and Telephony
  43. Web Technology & Applications
  44. Wireless Technology

So, if you are that busy executive, technology analyst, corporate or university librarian or government decision maker wondering how to stay up-to-date with all that is going on in this rapidly changing world, then for a mere US$595/year subscription to the 2018 print and online edition of Computer Review, you’ve just found the answer to all your needs.

About Computer Review, the Publisher

Based in Gloucester, MA, USA, Computer Review maintains a comprehensive technology database for university, government and corporate clients. The proprietary ActiveTrak System of smart bots monitors companies in over 130 countries daily to collect the most current information available. Computer Review, online since 1994 and now in it's 57th print edition, is used by organizations and libraries worldwide as a premier information resource to the new Digital Economy.