Gloucester, MA, USA - For Knowledge Economy professionals progress never stands still - it is always on the march. What is innovative today is standard tomorrow. The 2016 Computer Review solves this problem for its subscribers, they now have at their disposal over 200 online software Apps which gather and organize the latest information and make it available in print, online, and on their mobile phones.

The 2016 Computer Review tracks 30,000 technology companies in over 120 countries daily and summarizes the activity with links to the original sources. This vast amount of well organized information covers Computing and Information Technology, Communications and Mobile Networking, Internet and the Social Web, Digital Media and Display Technology, Biotechnoly and Medical Technology, Energy and Alternative Power Sources, Environment and Green Technology, Education and Online Distance Learning.

In addition, subscribers get targeted online access to 38 industry sectors highlighting News, Market, Execs, Jobs, Blogs, World and much more. The information is expertly indexed for quick access and ease of use by professionals in business, government and education:

  1. 3D Printing and Fabrication
  2. Advertising & Online Marketing
  3. Alternative Power Sources
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  5. Biotechnology Industry
  6. Cloud Computing and SaaS
  7. Communications & eMessaging
  8. Customer Relationship Management
  9. Data Storage Technology
  10. Digital Currecies & Bitcoin
  11. Digital Imaging & Photography
  12. Digital Security & Biometrics
  13. Environment & Green Technology
  14. Enterprise Solutions & E-business
  15. Financial Services & Online Banking
  16. GPS & Location-Based Applications
  17. Interactive Entertainment & Games
  18. Internet Applications & Technology
  19. Knowledge Management
  20. Legal Information and Services
  21. Library Automation and Technology
  22. Linux Applications and Technology
  23. Medical & Health Care Technology
  24. Nanotechnology & MEMS
  25. Network Management & Monitoring
  26. Online Education Distance Learning
  27. Outsourcing Services Worldwide
  28. Prediction Markets
  29. Publishing Online, Blogs and Wikis
  30. Satellites & Space Technology
  31. Science and Technology Parks
  32. Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits
  33. Social Networking on the Web
  34. Stem Cell Research
  35. Supply Chain Management
  36. Telecom Equipment & Services
  37. Voice, Speech & Telephony
  38. Web 2.0 Applications & Technology
  39. Wireless Applications & Networks

So, if you are that busy executive, technology analyst, corporate or university librarian or government decision maker wondering how to stay up-to-date with all that is going on in this rapidly changing world, then for a mere US$595/year subscription to the 2016 print and online edition of Computer Review, you’ve just found the answer to all your needs.

About Computer Review, the Publisher

Based in Gloucester, MA, USA, Computer Review maintains a comprehensive knowledge economy database for university, government and corporate libraries. The unique ActiveTrak system monitors companies in over 120 countries around the globe. Computer Review, now in it's 53rd edition, is used by organizations and libraries worldwide as the world’s premier Knowledge Economy Directory