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Monitoring 39 Knowledge Economy Sectors in 120 Countries Daily

How to Monitor Technology for Knowledge and Profit

Computer Review is a comprehensive one-stop resource to the knowledge economy. Available interactively online, Computer Review covers today's main fields of interest.

Bring the largest Business Technology database to your desktop

■ Reference the 2-volume, 851-page Company Technology Index
■ Monitor 39 Knowledge Economy sectors in 120 countries online
■ Create Personalized Databases with simple keyword search
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Computing, Information TechnologyCommunications and Mobile Networking
Internet, Social, Web ApplicationsDigital Media and Display Technology
Biotechnology, MedTech, PharmaEnergy and Alternative Power Sources
Environment and Green TechnologyEducation and Online Distance Learning

Vast Amount of Organized Information Updated Daily

Smart information bots monitor thousands of public companies and private organizations from 120 countries in the following categories.

NEWS, a primary source for corporate announcements; useful in developing sales leads based on breaking news. MARKET, company database with full contact info; a favorite industry tracking and promotion tool. EXECS, company executives and management teams. JOBS, company employment listings; a useful human resources tool. BLOGS, observations and opinions about technology markets. WORLD, country technology monitor; an international business development tool.

Computer Review is continually updated to save you time and effort. It provides detailed coverage of technology and new developments in these global markets.

  1. 3D Printing and Fabrication
  2. Advertising and Online Marketing
  3. Alternative Power Sources
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  5. Biotechnology Markets
  6. Cloud Computing and SaaS
  7. Communications Technology
  8. Data Storage Technology
  9. Digital Crypto Currencies
  10. Education and Distance Learning
  11. Enterprise Solutions
  12. Entertainment and Online Games
  13. Environment and Green Technology
  14. Financial Technology
  15. GPS Location Technology
  16. Imaging and Photography
  17. Internet Technology Applications
  18. Knowledge Management
  19. Legal Technology and Services
  20. Library Automation
  1. Linux Technology
  2. Medical and Health Technology
  3. Nanotechnology and MEMS
  4. Network Management
  5. Outsourcing Worldwide
  6. Predictive Technology
  7. Publishing, Wikis and Blogs
  8. Sales Automation and CRM
  9. Satellites & Space
  10. Science and Technology Parks
  11. Security and Biometrics
  12. Semiconductors and ICs
  13. Social Networking
  14. Stem Cell Research
  15. Supply Chain Management
  16. Telecommunications
  17. Voice and Telephony
  18. Web Technology & Applications
  19. Wireless Technology
  20. CREATE: Custom databases

An Essential Reference for Today

An interactive, user-friendly SELECTION CHART targets the information you need. The data is well organized and displayed in real-time for easy access. Users drill-down layers of information to find what they need.


Computer Review is a dynamic directory to the digital economy in 120 countries. You receive a 2-volume shelf-reference Index listing companies and their technology with unlimited online access to the complete database. Convenient "password-free" database access is available on library networks at no additional cost.

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