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Active Trak

ActiveTrak is a news release business intelligence service. It tracks global company activity at the source. It provides a comprehensive summary of daily developments from over 80 technology sectors in 109 countries.

Each day subscribers get the latest information from top technology companies conveniently indexed and delivered to their desktop. Click below for details:

Advertising & online marketing
Alternative energy solutions
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Auctions & implementation
Collaboration solutions
Computation & algorithms
Computer graphics
Consumer electronics/software
Consumer shopping services
Customer Relationship Mgmt
Data storage
Database solutions
Design automation
Digital content & video
Digital imaging
Digital photography
Distributed computing (P2P)
E-business applications
Electronic books
Electronic payment processing
Electronic publishing
Electronics manufacturing services
Email & Electronic messaging
Embedded processing
Enterprise IT solutions
Entertainment/Internet media
Financial information & services
Global positioning & mapping
Group conferencing
Human Resources
Industrial technology solutions
Intellectual property & digital rights
Interactive entertainment/games
Interactive TV
Internet domain names
Internet infrastructure
Internet performance
Internet personalization
Internet search
Internet solutions
Knowledge management
Legal information & services
Library services
Linux software
Localization/language translation
Medical technology/health care
Music/digital audio
Nanotechnology & MEMS
Network management/monitoring
Network products & solutions
Online education & learning
Online information
Online markets
Optical networks/photonics
Partner relationship management
Prediction markets
Printing solutions
Product & software testing
Professional services automation
Recruitment Web portals
Regional Web portals
Sales automation
Satellites & Space Tech
Secure ID & biometrics
Semiconductors & ICs
Smart materials
Social networking
Software as a Service
Supply chain management
Technology consultants
Technology investors
Telecom equipment & services
Telecommunications carriers
Travel & Conventions automation
Voice, speech & telephony
Web 2.0
Wireless applications
Wireless networks/infrastructure

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